A Kitten Will Scratch Your Furniture, How to Stop It

The answer to whether kitten will scratch furniture:

A kitten will scratch furniture because scratching is normal for cats. They scratch to mark territory, stretch, and sharpen their claws.

Keep your cat from scratching furniture by using:

  • Physical deterrents
  • Sticky paws
  • A scratching post
  • Various toys to prevent boredom scratching

As a cat owner, you have probably seen your kitten scratching at various surfaces. We may not be so concerned about this behavior, but when their claws get on our precious furniture, it becomes a problem.

Perhaps you have just adopted a kitten and wonder if it will engage in destructive scratching behavior.

Read more to know if your kitten will scratch your furniture and what you can do about it.


Scratching is Normal Cat Behavior

According to the ASPCA, cats scratch to mark territory, sharpen their claws, stretch, and feel good.

So, the answer to whether your kitten will scratch furniture is an absolute “yes.” Granted, it can cause significant damage to your furniture, including curtains and carpets.

Since this is a natural behavior of your kitten, don’t stop or prevent them from scratching. Alternatively, you can teach your little one to scratch on appropriate scratching surfaces.

Here are practical things you can do to prevent your kitten from shredding your furniture:


1. Give your kitten a scratching post

Provide your kitten with a scratching post to fulfill its scratching needs. It’s good to purchase a variety of posts and place them in places your kitten likes to relax, or near your sofa.

Some cat owners say they like to put up a scratching post near their kitten’s bed so that they can enjoy a good stretch, since most cats like to scratch when they wake up.

When choosing a scratching post, it’s good to think from your kitten’s point of view. There are lots of scratching posts made from a variety of materials. But unfortunately, these are designed to appeal to humans, and many cats don’t find them attractive.

Sisal fabric is a good material as it is heavy-duty, feels good under your kitten’s paws, and shreds well. Remember, your feline wants to create a vertical shredding motion, and sisal fabric allows for just that.

Don’t give your cat a scratching post covered in carpet material. Your cat won’t understand why it’s ok to scratch the post but not the carpet in the house, as both are made from the same material.

Choose a post with a different fabric from the surface in your home you don’t want your kitten to scratch.

Plus, carpet material is not rough enough to satisfy your kitty’s scratching needs. The loops tend to stick on your kitten’s claws.

Cats also love to scratch in both vertical and horizontal positions. Therefore, it’s good to choose a post that has all these positions.

A good idea is to purchase a vertical scratching post with a flat angled cat scratcher. The tall part should be covered in sisal material, and the horizontal angled scratcher can be of a different material, such as cardboard, for a different texture and experience.

Ensure the post is not so tall so that your kitten feels intimidated. Find a scratching post that is the same height as your kitten. When it grows into an adult cat, you can buy a taller  scratching post.

Avoid purchasing a post with a wobbly surface. It will be unsafe for your kitten as it may result in accidents or injuries. Look for a post with an extra heavy base.

Another advantage of a sturdy post is that it ensures your kitten won’t fall when trying to scratch on it. This might discourage it from going there again.  

To ensure you have made the right choice when choosing a scratching post, here are the main qualities to look for:

  • A suitable height according to your kitten’s age.
  • Sturdy enough with a heavy base to prevent accidents.
  • A post with both vertical and horizontal positions.
  • Covered in a material that your kitten likes to scratch.

To make your kitten more interested in scratching the post, you can sprinkle catnip on it.


2. Prevent boredom scratching with toys

Most kittens enjoy being outdoors playing and exploring. This may not be possible because your kitten might get hurt, stolen, or eat something inappropriate.

However, life inside a house from day to evening can quickly become monotonous for your kitty. Lack of enough stimulation for your indoor kitten makes it bored, and this is one of the reasons why your kitten engages in destructive behavior such as furniture scratching.

Ensure you schedule some playtime with your kitten to prevent boredom scratching. There are lots of different toys available; from electronic mice to a shining balls of paper that your kitten will love.


3. Make the area unattractive

If you are going to be away and are worried that your kitten will scratch furniture in your absence, you can make the area unattractive by using various repellants.  

Cover the side of your sofa with double-sided sticky tape. Cats don’t like walking on sticky surfaces, they find them annoying. So, your kitten will avoid that area.

Foil paper is yet another surface that your kitten despises, so cover your furniture with it to deflect your kitten’s sofa scratching obsession.


4. Try sticky paws

Soft Claws or Sticky Paws are little rubber tips that fit perfectly on your kitten’s paws with adhesive. This product is effective in stopping your kitty from destroying your furniture.

These last about 4 to 6 weeks and are safe and non-toxic. At first, your kitten may seem uncomfortable and groom excessively, but they soon learn to tolerate them.


5. Use your tone of voice

A firm “NO” each time you see your kitten approaching the furniture can help to reduce its interest in clawing your sofa.

In time, your kitten learns that going to the furniture makes you unhappy.


6. Use scents that cats can’t stand

Certain scents are repulsive to your cat, and you can use these to keep your kitten off the furniture. These are:

  • Citrus: Cats hate the smell of oranges, limes, and lemons. Place the peelings of citrus fruits on your furniture to keep your kitten away.
  • Banana: Your kitty does not like the smell of banana peels, plus it feels awful under their paws. Throw some banana peels on your furniture to stop your cat from scratching it.


The Best Cat Proof Couches

Another practical way to keep your kitten from scratching furniture is to find a couch that your furry friend will not turn into its scratching post. While it is not possible to find an entirely cat-proof sofa, you can find one that is better at resisting claw marks than the others.

The upholstery on a sofa matters the most when choosing one that can withstand your kitten’s clawing. Remember that your kitty is growing, and when it’s an adult cat with longer and sharper claws, its scratching habits will be even more destructive.

Look for sturdy fibers such as canvas, denim, and synthetics, but leather and leather alternatives will do the job and are also easier to clean.

Synthetic and microfiber couches tend to be good materials, because although the fabrics are usually extremely thin, they tend to be tough and scratch-resistant.

Denim is also a very high-quality and durable fabric. Its tight fiber weave makes it scratch resistant, and it is easy to clean.

Leather sofas and leather alternatives are good choices for cat owners looking for high-end furniture,that can still withhold traffic from their furry friends.

Canvas material is a good upholstery option if you want outdoor patio furniture that’s free from your kitten’s claws. It is waterproof but might not be a good one for lounging.


Here are some good options:

1. Allform Modular Sofa

The Allform sofa has a modern aesthetic premium fabric that is scratch and stain-resistant, which makes it a perfect addition to your house if you own a kitten.

It also offers an ultra-comfortable lounging for you to relax with your furry friend.


2. Wayfair William Hybrid

The Wayfair William hybrid has an easy-to-clean fabric, and comes with a 5-seater reclining design. There is enough space to lounge with your kitten without worrying about it destroying your precious furniture.


3. Joybird Bryant U Sofa

This one provides has an impressive performance weave that is tough enough to withstand your kitten’s claws.

As you shop around, avoid fabrics such as silk, suede, linen, and chenille, which are not good choices because they can be easily destroyed by your kitten’s claws.

You can also invest in a comfortable cat bed for your kitten to minimize the time it spends on your couch.


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