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How old is a 20-year-old cat in human years?

A 20 year old cat is 96 years old in human terms. 

However just this information is not an exact computation, there are several ways to get a pretty good idea of how old your cat is.

For an accurate answer you need to look at other factors.

Forget what you heard about cats having 9 lives, or that one cat year equals 7 human years. Read more.

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cat with grass

What to Do if Your Cat is Eating Grass Every Day

As humans, we have long baffled over cats’ behaviors, and one of their “quirks” many of us left confused and concern is when they eat grass.

While some people might tell you that this is normal, the way they do it, the frequency, and where they do it, are some of the important things you must consider, especially if your cat is eating grass every day.

Read this article now to understand your cat’s behavior even more.

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scared cat

How to Stop Your Cat Being Scared of Other Cats Outside

While many people think of cats as feisty, independent creatures, they can easily get very skittish over certain things. After all, it’s called “scaredy-cat” for a reason! It surely is alarming when you see your cat suddenly dashing back to your house as soon as it sees another cat outside.

Fortunately, there are ways to help your cat overcome this dilemma. Read this article and learn the best ways to help your cat regain its confidence and reclaim its territory.

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