Flora Ojow

Here is Why You Should Not Lick Your Cat

We have different ways of showing affection to our cats, and some cat owners feel it’s ok to lick their cat since their pet also does it to them. This article explains the health risks of licking your cat, and alternative ways to bond with them.

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How to Train a Deaf Kitten

It can be hard to deal with a deaf kitty. This article shows how to train your deaf kitten to read visual cues, know when its mealtime, inform it of your presence, and stop it from undesirable behavior.

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Where to Put Cat Poop, the Easy and Safe Way

Handling cat poop can be complicated. There are so many opinions on where to put cat litter.

This article explains how to dispose of cat poop hygienically, if it’s ok to flush it, and how to ensure the litter box is comfortable for your cat.

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